Your Wedding Aisle Runner –  personalised with your choice of designs, colours, words and motifs –

will create a very special, unique and stunning entrance to your wedding  ceremony.

To help give you some idea of what designs are possible, you will find lots of sample designs in our Design Galleries.below.

Most of them can be adapted to suit your own style and theme and are often just starting points in creating your design.



The Design Galleries

Click on the individual galleries below for some sample designs.





If you know that you want us to create an aisle runner for your special day, we ask for a small deposit of £50 to secure a design slot.

You may have a clear idea of what you would like on your aisle runner – or you may not be able to decide exactly.

Either way, look through the Design Galleries, complete our  DESIGN FORM  …or fill in the bits you can, then email, text or call us on 01204 419906 or 07758 944568.

We can then work out a design brief to interpret your ideas.

Once we have an outline of your ideas we will work on some draft designs that we can email to you.

You tell us the bits you like & don’t like & we tweak them until we eventually create a final design that you love.

You may need to allow a few weeks for this as all our aisle runners are individually designed.

NOTE- The most important bit that we do need to know is the length of aisle runner that you will need :-

without it we can’t give you a price – or plan the designs.